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Recovery First Inc., was founded by James F Davis, CAS, in May 2002.  Mr. Davis had been working for another Treatment program for 5 years in addition to 15 years of volunteer work in the field prior to that.  The driving force behind his decision to open his own facility was to improve the quality of care that clients would receive.  The company he was working for was “packing patients in like sardines,” and their recovery rate was less than stellar.  The whole focus of his new company was to put the patients Recovery First.

In 2004, the company expanded from a day/night program with outside housing to a true level 2 Residential facility, with the purchase of a former crack hotel in Hollywood, Fl.  Over the next 6 months, the property was renovated, and in November of 2004, began treating and housing clients in that facility.  This provided a superior level of support for clients that needed real 24/7 care, versus the less restrictive day/night with housing type treatment that is most common in Florida.  With this acquisition, Recovery First was able to serve both needs.

In 2005, our corporate offices were wiped out by 2 back to back hurricanes.  Though an extremely challenging time, we relocated those offices less than a mile from the Residential facility, and began to rebuild.  In 2007, we expanded our intensive outpatient program (three hours/night, three nights per week) at the new corporate offices, which allowed us to serve clients that needed to continue treatment while they made the transition to normal daily living activities.

In 2007, Mr. Davis made a decision to become an in network provider with every major insurance company.  This means that our patients typically have much lower out of pocket expenses than they would if they go to an out of network provider.  In addition, our self pay rates are extremely reasonable.

We have 28 residential beds, 38 day/night beds, and room for 20 patients with optional structured offsite sober living (commonly referred to as a ¾ way house) in our intensive outpatient program.  Our staff to patient ratio is 1 staff member for every 2 clients.  We provide a very personalized experience for every client, and based on follow-up surveys conducted every 3 months after a person graduates from our program, we have a success rate of approximately 67% (of the people we are able to reach) remaining clean and sober for 1 year.

We believe that the reason our clients are so successful is that we focus on three key things:  Education about Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, Denial Management, and Relapse Prevention.

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Recovery First offers several levels of substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation. Our most intensive level of treatment is the Inpatient Substance Abuse Program, but we also have other treatment options for drug addiction and alcoholism like our Day/Night Program or Sober Living.