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    We can assist in determining the payment option that best meets the your needs.

Many people are under the misconception that addiction treatment is beyond their financial reach. In reality, our treatment costs are covered by many insurance plans. Recovery First will help determine whether a client’s insurance will cover treatment costs.

The Price of Not Getting Help

If you’re concerned about costs of addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one, consider the costs of doing nothing. The consequences of addiction only get worse with time.

Our professional staff have helped thousands of people get the treatment they need, regardless of their finances. We can help you too.

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Treatment Cost Misconceptions

“If my insurance doesn’t pay for treatment, I’m out of options.”

Not true. Recovery First will work with you on payment options to help you get treatment for the addiction that has disrupted your life, family, and career.

“I can’t afford quality care.”

Not true. Many insurance plans cover substance addiction treatment. Our representatives have experience in working with many companies for the best payment options.

“I don’t have the money today, so I have to wait to call.”

Not true. Call Recovery First today and let our knowledgeable Treatment Consultants help you or your loved one get treatment NOW. We’ve helped thousands, regardless of their finances. Let us help you find the best place for you or your loved one.