Treatment Services

Safe Detox Environment

Customized Detox
The Recovery First detox program is tailored to meet the detox needs of you or your loved one. Our comprehensive medical detox center has a 24-hour on-staff nurse, experienced qualified physicians, psychiatrists, and addiction experts. You’ll go through the process in our supervised medical environment where we address any mental or physical strains (anxiety, headache) you might experience. We look at all of our client detox stays on a case-by-case basis and take step-by-step procedures to investigate and analyze all critical factors needed for a safe drug detox. Our comprehensive drug detox is designed to meet the unique needs of your individual addiction. After detox, you can transition to another level of care offered at Recovery First.

Residential Treatment (RT)

A Structured Schedule for Recovery
Following detox and once clients are medically stable and their withdrawal symptoms have stabilized, some transition into our inpatient, or Residential Treatment (RT) program. Our structured residential treatment program provides a customized plan of research-based treatment, individual therapy, group therapy participation, and recovery education. If client consents, family members may participate in sessions and therapy to help support their loved one’s recovery. Recovery First offers a serene, welcoming environment where you or your loved one can focus solely on recovery free from outside triggers and distractions.

Partial Hospitalization

Daily Therapy Programming
Each client in our PHP program attends daily groups, weekly one-on-one sessions with a primary therapist as well as participate in daily programming. PHP provides structured care at least five days a week for no less than six hours per day, allowing greater access to outside support groups and recovery focused community groups. Recovery First will make arrangements for housing in a structured, sober living facility.

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Intensive Outpatient(IOP)

Intensive Treatment & Offsite Living
Everyone in our program is assigned an individual therapist that collaborates with you or your loved one to create a customized rehabilitation plan. Our IOP program assists you in achieving long-term sobriety through sessions of one-on-one counseling, group therapy, and relapse prevention training. Participants in the intensive outpatient program meet for three sessions per week, for a total of six weeks.

Outpatient Program (OP)

Outpatient Care & Facility
Our outpatient treatment services are located in a separate facility located five (5) minutes from our residential facility. Our OP facility is in a completely private setting where you or your loved one can heal in a safe, secure and compassionate treatment environment. Participants in this program meet for one hour, 1-2 days per week.

Aftercare Program

Recovery Goals
Throughout the treatment stay, clients and their treatment teams develop an aftercare plan that outlines their individual treatment goals (i.e. number of counseling sessions, relapse prevention, and needed ancillary services). Our staff monitors the progress and reviews or updates the aftercare plan as necessary and follows up with each client to monitor their progress.

Alumni Program

Working Together in Sobriety
Alumni programming is essential to any aftercare planning. Recovery First has developed an Alumni Committee, comprised of Recovery First Hollywood Alumni and staff that meet regularly to determine alumni events and group topics. We also regularly bring in Alumni to speak to current clients about relapse prevention and to promote local and national events.