Aftercare at Recovery First

Our Aftercare Program

Our mission is to provide quality, comprehensive, compassionate, and innovative care to adults struggling with substance abuse, substance addictions, and mental health issues.

Through our research-based and empathic care, Recovery First instills the hope for clients that long-term recovery is possible. Our purpose and passion is to empower the individual, family, and community through promotion of optimal wellness of the mind, body, and spirit.

Alumni Services

Recovery First’s curriculum and programs are research-based, and we provide the best care possible by rooting our program in scientifically supported therapy modalities. Our licensed counselors use motivational interviewing techniques and other research-based treatment modalities to “meet clients where they are.” We also consult with a wide range of clinical experts in order to stay innovative and up-to-date with the latest advancements in addiction recovery.

Another key component of the Recovery First program is our integration of Michael Cartwright’s Five Essential Elements. In his book Believable Hope: 5 Essential Elements to Beat Any Addiction, Michael Cartwright, AAC Chairman and CEO, shares his personal struggles, recovery process, and a 5-pronged approach. The 5 Essential Elements are based on his 20 years of experience and involvement with 15 federally funded studies on dual diagnosis and addiction.

The 5 Essential Elements are:

– Find Believable Hope
– Visualize the Life You Want
– Surround Yourself With Winners
– Put Your plan Into Action
– Maintain the Life you Love


Alumni Story: Nicole Vasquez

Nicole joined American Addiction Centers in 2013, originally hailing from San Diego, CA. Her current position as Alumni Coordinator allows her the opportunity to coordinate and participate in alumni events, as well as maintain relationships with AAC’s alumni, family, and friends. Having been in recovery for multiple years, Nicole’s passion is giving back and helping others. Whether supporting those in recovery or advising those with loved ones in crisis, Nicole has helped many who struggle with addiction to arrive at and succeed in treatment.

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Join our Alumni Program

Following completion of addiction treatment at Recovery First, we recommend that clients get involved with sober activities and recovery organizations that will aid in their transition from treatment to long-term recovery. Activities include joining the Recovery First Alumni group, attending local 12-Step meetings, and if desired, seeking out the option of sober living environments. Sober living housing can provide a structured living environment with a quiet lifestyle and residents working on their recovery.

Sober Living Referrals

Recovery First does not operate a sober living home, but our clinical staff will make suitable housing recommendations for clients wishing to live in a sober living environment.