Alcohol Addiction Treatment: Recovery Means Not Going it Alone

Alcohol Addiction Treatment: Recovery Means Not Going it Alone

Alcohol addiction treatment begins the moment you reach out for help. The realization that you can’t beat alcoholism by yourself is the first step toward getting the help you need. Approximately 1 in 6 people suffer from the disease of addiction.

We understand the hopelessness that you are probably feeling and that alcoholism has damaged your health and alienated you from family, friends and coworkers. Our mission is to give you the education and tools you need to bring you back into harmony with yourself and repair that damage.

There are three key behaviors that define an alcoholic:

Inability to control your drinking: 

Alcohol addiction treatment is usually necessary when a person has lost control of their alcohol use. They might forget how much they have drank or how long it has been since their last drink, or they may drink too much and suffer blackouts and alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment: Recovery Means Not Going it Alone

Obsession with alcohol:

Another indicator that alcohol addiction treatment is in order is when a person becomes obsessed with drinking by constantly thinking about drinking, where to drink, when and what to drink, how to hide drinking from family, glorifying alcohol or being intoxicated, and consistently planning a day’s activities around drinking and alcohol.

Drinking despite serious consequences:

One of the most telling signs that drinking has progressed to full-blown alcoholism is when a person continues drinking regardless of serious consequences. Alcoholism destroys careers, relationships, families, health, financial status, reputation, and can eventually lead to significant jail time. However, an alcoholic will continue drinking despite these life-changing risks.

If this description fits you – or your loved one, you absolutely do need help to stop drinking. Alcohol addiction treatment is your best shot at ending the vicious cycle and taking your life back.

People who seek alcohol addiction treatment are often driven by two primary motivating factors: life shattering consequences and a desire to regain the very essence of who they really are. The obstacle is that it can be extremely difficult to admit that you have no control over alcohol and that you need the help of others to stop drinking. Our clients tell us that, once they reached out and made that initial call to an alcohol addiction treatment center, they felt like a weight had lifted off their shoulders – and you will too. Getting help is essential to your survival.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment: Recovery Means Not Going it Alone