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Payment Options

  • Many people think that getting drug or alcohol addiction treatment is beyond their financial reach. That’s a misconception. In reality, our treatment costs are covered by many insurance plans. Our Admissions Navigators work with you on the phone to help determine how your specific insurance policy will cover your addiction treatment costs.

  • FREE Insurance Benefits Verification

    Do you have insurance but are having a hard time figuring out what part of treatment costs are covered? No problem. Our highly-trained Admissions Navigators and benefits specialists will answer your questions about what you’ll be responsible for and flexible payment plans to fit your financial situation.

You CAN Afford Addiction Treatment

  • Insurance Coverage

    Don’t know how much your health insurance will pay for treatment? We get it and we can help. Recovery First has years of experience working with insurance companies and we’ll verify your benefits for FREE – without obligation. We’ll help figure how much of treatment costs are covered, co-payments that may be due, and other costs. Our goal is to find a way to get you into treatment to break you free from the chaos and destructiveness of you or your loved one’s addiction.

  • Private Pay Method

    Another way some clients choose to pay for their addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders treatment is the private pay (cash or check) method. If you prefer not to go through your insurance company to pay for drug or alcohol addiction treatment, we understand. We respect the privacy of all of our clients and maintain confidentiality of your private information no matter what form of payment or insurance plan. We recommend the private pay method for increased confidentiality.

  • Payment Plans

    If insurance coverage or private pay methods won’t work for you, Recovery First can help you arrange payment plans to pay for treatment. Our goal is to ensure that you or ones you love receive the experienced, customized addiction and co-occurring disorders care needed, we will help you find a way to pay for treatment. Payment options and healthcare loans are just some of the ways to help cover the cost of treatment. We want to help you identify the best payment option to meet your family’s needs.

Treatment Cost Myths

  • “If my insurance doesn’t pay for treatment, I’m out of options.”

    Not true. Recovery First will work with you on payment options to help you get treatment for the addiction that has disrupted your life, family, and career.

  • “I can’t afford quality care.”

    Not true. Many people don’t realize that most insurance plans cover substance addiction treatment. All policies are different so coverage may vary but we can help you figure out what your personal policy covers. Our Admissions Navigators have experience in working with many companies for the best payment options.

  • “I don’t have the money today, so I have to wait to call.”

    Not true. Since alcohol and drug addiction are progressive diseases, unfortunately the situation is just going to worse. Call us today and we’ll get you into a drug rehab program today. Call Recovery First today and let our knowledgeable Admissions Navigators help you or your loved one get treatment NOW. We’ve helped thousands, regardless of their finances. Let us help you find the best place to begin your recovery.

The Price of NOT Getting Help

If you’re concerned about costs of substance abuse rehab for yourself or a loved one, consider the cost of doing nothing. The health, relationship, and financial consequences of addiction on the family only get worse with time.

Our addiction programs have helped thousands of people get the treatment they need, regardless of their finances. We can help you too.