9 Things About Marijuana Addiction

9-Things-About-Marijuana-AddictionMarijuana legalization carries serious dangers with it; like marijuana addiction

Since the early 1950’s and 1960’s the U.S. Federal Government classified marijuana in the same category as LSD. Reason being that marijuana must remain an illegal substance because it serves as a gateway drug and promotes drug exploration.  Even with legalization, the majority of Colorado residents admit to having wine with their legal marijuana.

60% of high school seniors think pot is safe and 23% of them used marijuana in the last month. More high school seniors reported using marijuana over alcohol or tobacco. A whopping 16 million Americans use marijuana and over 11% of those 16 million define themselves as marijuana addicts. Marijuana addicts have found that marijuana is interfering with their lives and they have been unable to cut back and cut free.

Over the years, vast amounts of marijuana’s negative effects have been documented and reported by marijuana addicts.

Here are 9 things about marijuana addiction that we know and can confirm from test data:

  1. Marijuana is addictive and is dangerous for alcoholics and drug addicts in recovery. Marijuana has been linked to being a cause of relapse for many.
  2. Marijuana causes impaired motor skill function. Most marijuana addicts have poor eye-hand coordination and suffer from a loss of balance.
  3. Marijuana / THC has become much stronger over the years resulting in stronger and more potent pot.
  4. Marijuana is a gateway drug and has introduced many users to stronger and more dangerous forms of drugs.
  5. Heavy use of marijuana causes psychosis. Delusions and hallucinations are common for those who suffer from marijuana addiction.
  6. Marijuana is harmful to young people. Changes to the brain, while smoking pot, have been well documented. IQ loss and memory loss problems are common.
  7. Smoking marijuana can cause bronchitis and other breathing related illnesses such as lung cancer, asthma and emphysema. Pot has two times more carcinogens than tobacco.
  8. Marijuana use can lead to addiction. It is dangerous and a user can become dependent and suffer from marijuana withdrawals.
  9. Marijuana addicts report paranoia and anxiety. Even after exposure to a small amount, users report feelings of anxiety, mood swings and increases in food cravings.

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