Is There a Cure for Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a clinical, progressive neurological disease that left untreated is 100% fatal. For the last hundred years mankind has tried to cure or prevent this disease with limited successes that in the end only served to tell us that there is still a great deal about this disease that we do not know. And as is the case with the rest of the American disease epidemics like diabetes, heart disease and cancer, there are countless individuals and organizations that claim to be able to cure alcoholism. However, these claims are fraud at the worst and poor communication at best, as there is no clinical cure for alcoholism at this time. Nevertheless, treatment is available today that in some cases can be as effective as a cure.

Can Hypnosis Cure Alcoholism?

Theories that alcoholism or addiction can be cured using hypnosis are nothing more than placebo; at least as far as the ability of any study to conclusively or even partially prove that hypnosis ever cured a clinical disease. In order to understand why this is actually impossible, you first need to understand that addiction is a neurological disease. This means that there are actual physical neurological pathways constructed in the brain that “service” the addictive behavior. These pathways are permanent and their sole purpose is to recreate the pleasurable effects caused by the consumption of alcohol, resulting in intense cravings to drink despite even severe consequences.

Because these neurological pathways cannot be changed by thought alone, hypnosis cannot possibly cure alcoholism. Hypnosis can however decrease urges, improve self-esteem and allow a person to feel in control enough to take further action to arrest their alcoholic behaviors and seek additional help, such as the services of a professional Florida Alcohol Rehab Center. Programs for alcohol treatment are intense and take a much more direct approach to alcoholism than hypnosis.

Can Drugs Cure Alcoholism?

Over the years a number of drugs have been used in the fight against alcoholism. Most detox centers use benzodiazepines to treat people who are detoxing from alcoholism, but otherwise very few drugs have shown promise in the treatment of alcoholism. Recently a drug used to treat epilepsy and migraines has migrated to treating alcoholism – and with some success. The drug is called topiramate and works by reducing the production of dopamine that occurs when a person drinks. Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that causes people to feel good, and consequently many will “chase” whatever it is that causes dopamine releases for them. By reducing the ability of the brain to produce dopamine, alcoholics often experience less desire to drink because the same level of reward is no longer there.

While topiramate can be effective in reducing the desire to drink and the associated “reward,” it is not a clinical cure for alcoholism. Instead, treatment for alcoholism is the best answer. This can include an inpatient alcohol rehab, an outpatient treatment center, or a day/night program. If you or someone you care about is suffering from alcoholism, you can get help for them right now with a free, confidential consultation. The real cure for alcoholism is treatment, and treatment begins with you. Call us now.

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