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    What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

    A Partial Hospitalization Program, also known as a Day/Night Substance Abuse Program by some Florida drug rehab centers, offers valuable services to people who are suffering from alcoholism or drug…

    • treatment
    How Does Drug Addiction Happen?

    Unless you’ve experienced it yourself, it’s difficult to understand how addiction to drugs or alcohol can happen.  Many people promote the misconception that all an addict or alcoholic needs to…

    • treatment
    Employee Assistance Programs and Drug Addiction Treatment

    Employee Assistance Programs offer people who are suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism opportunities to get the help they need, when they need it.  These programs are offered by a…

    • treatment
    Addiction Treatment: Florida Model vs. Residential Inpatient Program

    The “Florida Model” Drug Rehab Center The Florida Model:  The Florida model drug rehab center isn’t a residential inpatient program in any way.  In fact, Florida model centers don’t have…

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    Drug Treatment Therapies

    There are many different types of drug treatment therapies for people suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism.  This is partially because different addiction treatment therapies work for different people, and…

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    Understanding Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome

    Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome is often the most significant threat to a person recovering from drug addiction or alcoholism.  Unfortunately, few people that haven’t already been through drug addiction treatment…

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