Strange DUI Cases: Be Warned

Getting charged with a DUI (Driving under the influence) or DWI (Driving while impaired or driving while intoxicated) need not be confined to a traditional motor vehicle. There have been many instances recorded of DUIs being used to charge individuals who have been driving some unconventional vehicles from golf cars to bar stools. There are even websites devoted to this. The incidents may be funny but in the end, they are no laughing matter.

One of the more famous (or infamous) incidents happened to the popular movie actor, Bill Murray, of Caddyshack, Lost in Translation and Ghostbusters. In 2007, Murray was stopped on suspicion of DUI while driving a golf cart through downtown Stockholm, Sweden. The actor was asked to take a blood alcohol test after the police found him smelling of alcohol. He refused to take it citing American legislation. However, he signed a statement admitting to driving under the influence even agreeing to allow a police officer to plead guilty for him if the case went to court. He probably only faced fines for the offense.

To further prove that you can be charged with a DUI while driving anything, an Ohio man was charged with a DUI for driving a motorized bar stool on wheels. According to the police, the driver crashed the barstool while trying to navigate a 180 degree turn. He was injured and called 911 to report the accident and get help. He boasted that his barstool would reach speeds of up to 38 miles per hour. He also admitted to drinking about 15 beers prior to the crash. He had outfitted his barstool with a five-horsepower lawnmower engine which was welded to the frame. The man was treated for minor injuries and charged with an OVI (Operating a vehicle while intoxicated).

In Australia, the AP (Associated Press) reported on a man making a nine-mile trip from his home to a friend’s house. He was found on a highway exit ramp, snoozing away in a motorized wheelchair. He was arrested and charged with a DUI when his blood alcohol was found to be above the legal limit.

The reality is that whether it’s a scooter, wheelchair, golf cart or anything else you have, if it has a motor on it, think again before driving it if you have had too much to drink. An intoxicated operator of any motorized conveyance can be charged with a DUI. It is the motor (gas or electric) that makes the operation of a vehicle a crime if you have consumed enough alcohol to make you over whatever the legal blood alcohol content is in your state.

While it may be amusing to picture the situations described above, it is still a serious offense to be arrested while driving under the influence. It could cost money, time and even prison, especially if anyone gets hurt as a result of your actions. It may also be a symptom of a serious drinking problem.

Whether you use alcohol on a regular basis or not, you should never drink and drive. If you or someone you love is suffering from alcoholism, call the number at the top of your screen now for an immediate, no cost consultation about one of the most powerful treatment programs in the nation.  The longer you wait, the more likely it is that your situation could spiral away into disaster.  Don’t wait: call now. 1-800-706-9190

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