Superbowl Sunday 2019: How to Not Drink Part I

Superbowl Sunday 2019 is undeniably associated with alcohol and drinking. From Superbowl Sunday parties at local bars and restaurants to family gatherings to huge community Superbowl events, alcohol is nearly always involved. In fact, overall it’s part of the professional football culture. This can put football fans that are also recovering alcoholics in a delicate position. Wanting to partake in the celebration of the game is normal and healthy, but if it comes at the cost of sobriety, it’s just not worth it. The following are a number of tips to help you or a loved one stay sober this Superbowl Sunday 2019.

Hang out with people who respect your sobriety this Superbowl Sunday 2019

Recovering alcoholics that plan to attend Superbowl events where alcohol is likely to be consumed should do so in the company of others who respect their sobriety. Negative influences and people who have no respect for recovery programs should be avoided. Ultimately, if the people you are associated with do not respect your recovery, then they represent a potential danger to your sobriety. Nothing is worth this.

In most cases, it is the unfamiliar places that are the most dangerous in this regard because there is the element of the unknown. Going to a party or gathering where you know what to expect is important, but if you can expect there to be trouble, drama, negative influences or any other risks, it’s best not to go at all.

Attend a Clean and Sober Superbowl Sunday 2019 Party

One of the most valuable things that a recovering alcoholic has is their support network. The larger and more stable the network, the better, although many people do well with smaller networks. In either case, there are massive clean and sober communities all over the country, and many of them organize parties throughout the year for people in recovery. This includes clean and sober Superbowl Sunday 2012 gatherings, which can be found by connecting with people in your recovery network, or by conducting an internet search for locations near you. One of the best places to start is by becoming a member of a clean and sober forum or online community such as the following:

There are many more forums and groups available and the key is to actually get involved. Recovery forums like the ones listed above can provide invaluable sources of information and resources, as well as inspiration, encouragement and – often – friendships with other members.

In Part II of this series we’ll discuss several more ways to have fun this Superbowl Sunday 2019 without worrying about jeopardizing your hard-earned sobriety. But if you or someone you love has already relapsed or is caught in the midst of an addiction or alcoholism, you should know that help is available right now. Real help, with real results. All you need to do is call the number at the top of your screen now for a free, completely confidential consultation. Take back your life. Call us now.

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