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The Use of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy during Drug Treatment in Florida

Rational emotive behavioral therapy is a successful psychological method for drug treatment in Florida. As a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy, REBT helps people undergoing Florida drug rehab to alter their negative behaviors with rational thought. Creator Albert Ellis believed that people’s beliefs dictated their actions, and that identifying deeply-held negative beliefs was crucial for treating a variety of conditions. In order to help addicts get the help they need, psychiatrists, medical doctors, and laypeople should all learn more about the use of REBT for drug treatment in Florida.

The Basics of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy refers to a variety of treatments which are designed to help people manage unavoidable stress. People who encounter difficult situations usually feel negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, and anger. With cognitive-behavioral techniques, they can identify their reasons for becoming upset, overcome their impulsive emotions with rational thought, and take appropriate actions. These techniques are especially useful for recovering addicts, whose unmanaged stress can cause cravings and relapse.

The A-B-C System

Rational emotive behavior therapy uses Ellis’s A-B-C system: Adversities – and Beliefs about those Adversities – contribute to Consequences. Essentially, Ellis said that people’s flawed beliefs about their problems can influence their negative behaviors just as much as the problems themselves. Adversities may refer to external conflicts, as well as negative thoughts. Beliefs can be recently-adopted assumptions or long-held convictions. Since adversities will always occur, people who want to change their behaviors for the better must focus on changing their beliefs.

Differences between Preferences and Needs

People often hold their harmful beliefs because they misunderstand the differences between what they prefer and what they need. For instance, a person with social anxiety might think that they need to be liked by the people around them. Because of this belief, negative social interactions could lead to undue stress and sadness. While popularity is preferable, nobody needs to garner the approval of everyone they encounter. Changing this belief would help the person deal with social problems more productively.

Applications to Drug Treatment in Florida

REBT’s emphasis on situational acceptance and realistic change can help rehab patients to reduce stress, avoid relapse, and improve their lives. For example, a recovering addict might have an argument with a coworker over a collaborative project – that’s the “A,” adversity. A negative “B,” belief, would be that the coworker hates the addict and resents them for their disagreement. This belief could then lead to a “C,” consequence of further lack of cooperation, an incomplete project, and a stress-induced relapse.

However, the addict could also adopt the positive belief that their coworker has valuable insights, and that they should make more of an effort to understand their point of view. The argument will still have occurred, but this belief could lead to compromise, mutual understanding, and a reduction in stress.

Long-Term Benefits

This technique isn’t only useful in specific situations – it helps addicts achieve contentment and happiness in every area of their lives. People who complete rehab should certainly strive to improve their environments as much as possible, but they will always encounter problems. The ability to adopt positive beliefs towards negative situations is what allows them to stay happy and sober in the face of adversity.

If you’re struggling with drugs or alcohol, REBT and other proven therapies can help you finally take control of your cravings. To learn more, call the number at the top of your screen. Our dedicated addiction specialists can answer your questions and help you recover with drug treatment in Florida – you can start right now with just one phone call.

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