What You Can Expect from Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Battling cravings with alcohol addiction treatment is one of the toughest but most rewarding experiences for alcoholics. Some people can manage their drinking problems on their own, but alcohol addiction treatment is an extremely effective way to address the root causes of alcoholism. With the help of trained counselors, people can quickly learn their true reasons for abusing alcohol – and the best strategies for staying clean in the future.
It is crucial that alcoholics, their families, and their friends understand the methods and therapies used during alcohol rehab.


People who abuse severely addictive drugs such as alcohol, opiates, and amphetamines typically start their rehabilitations with detox. This is a five to fourteen-day process of deprivation which helps people get rid of their physical dependencies on drugs. Detox usually involves painful withdrawal symptoms such as nausea and depression, but it is a critical first step in the long-term process of addiction recovery.

Treatments for Long-Term Alcohol Sobriety

Most alcoholics begin their rehabilitations with a residential inpatient program. These programs require that the live at their clinics for thirty to ninety days, during which they receive fifty or more hours of intensive therapies per week. These high levels of isolation, supervision, and therapy allow addicts to rapidly make the lifestyle changes necessary for staying sober long-term.

No matter what type of treatment program you attend as an alcoholic, you can expect to receive primarily evidence-based therapies. These treatments have been rigorously tested and statistically verified to help people develop strategies for dealing with cravings. Most rehabilitation facilities focus on individual counseling, group discussions, and family therapies.

Extended Alcohol Therapy

Many alcoholics take advantage of additional treatment programs after their inpatient stays are complete. They may use partial hospitalization – a program which allows them to return to their homes in the evenings under the supervision of clinic staff. They may also attend outpatient rehab, which requires just a few hours of clinical attendance per day. In either case, alcoholics can ensure smooth transitions from their clinics to the outside world.

Ongoing Support

Alcohol addiction treatment doesn’t have to end when people leave their clinics. Groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous exist nationwide to help addicts maintain sobriety after treatment. Alcoholics attend meetings to share their struggles, talk about coping strategies, and hold each other accountable to their daily recovery efforts.

Dealing with Alcohol Cravings

Clinical drug rehab lasts a few months at most, but addiction is an incurable disease. The most important aspect of rehabilitation is teaching alcoholics the strategies they need to deal with the cravings they will inevitably encounter later in life.

Once alcoholics leave their treatment facilities, they must constantly employ the coping mechanisms and avoidance strategies they discussed with their counselors. Avoiding stressful people and compromising environments is especially important.

Long-Term Sobriety

The difficulties of rehab are well worth the rewards. Some laypeople don’t take alcoholism as seriously as other drug addictions because of the legality of the substance, but it is a truly crippling disease. Achieving and maintaining sobriety allows alcoholics to live the full, rich lives they had before they began to drink.

If you have been struggling with a drinking problem and think you may have an addiction, there is no time to waste. Call the number at the top of your screen now for a toll-free consultation with one of our dedicated addiction specialists, and get the help you need. We can set up an alcohol addiction treatment program that will have you enjoying life the way it was meant to be lived.

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