Five Signs You Need Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Clinical alcohol addiction treatment is often the only way for alcoholics to make the sweeping changes necessary for long-term sobriety. Although many people view drinking problems as an issue of willpower, alcohol addiction treatment helps thousands of addicts across the United States get clean every year by addressing this condition as the disease that it is. Unfortunately, most communities still suffer from lack of understanding on issues of addiction and rehabilitation. It is crucial that more people understand the warning signs of alcoholism, so that they can find help for those in need. Here are indicators that you or a loved one may need alcohol addiction treatment.

1. Alcohol Tolerance

When people use any drug for the first time, their brains respond by releasing large amounts of dopamine – a feel-good neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of euphoria, sociability, and reduced inhibitions. However, continued alcohol consumption will cause the brain to down-regulate this dopamine production. If you have to drink heavily to feel any effect at all, you may have already developed an addiction to alcohol.

2. Short-Term Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

One of the most crucial aspects of long-term rehab programs is detoxification, a procedure which involves painful withdrawal symptoms. Addicts are weaned of their physical dependencies on drugs or alcohol through a one to two-week process of deprivation. However, even active alcoholics can experience withdrawal if they wait too long in between drinks. If you get headaches, nausea, or anxiety by simply avoiding alcohol, you likely need clinical help.

3. Obsession

Obsessive behavior is one of the most visible signs of alcoholism. All drug addicts become obsessed, but people hooked on cocaine, meth, or other illegal drugs are more likely to conceal their problems. Since drinking is popular and socially acceptable, alcoholics will often boast about their latest exploits or talk incessantly about their next bouts of drinking. People who cannot seem to focus on any other subject are often in need of alcohol addiction treatment.

4. Advice from Friends

Denial is a powerful defense mechanism which allows people to form addictions in the first place. Alcoholics deny their lacks of control, the severities of their problems, and the results their behaviors have on their loved ones. They may even begin to believe their own lies. It is often necessary for friends to step in and inform addicts in no uncertain terms that they are ruining their lives and the lives of others.

5. Destructive Behaviors

Virtually all alcoholics act in destructive ways that affect their friends, families, finances, and careers. Even those who attempt to hide their problems by drinking privately still do damage to their live while under the influence. They waste money on excessive amounts of alcohol, they alienate their loved ones through denial and aggressive behavior, and they underperform at work. If you are watching the most important parts of your life crumble around you, then you need to seek alcohol addiction treatment.

Alcoholism is a serious neurological disease, but you still have hope for a lasting recovery. Call the number at the top of your screen to talk to one of our compassionate drug rehab specialists. We will plan an alcohol addiction treatment program that will help you take back control of your life – but we can’t help if you don’t take action by calling us right now.

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