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We know how painful it is, especially for loved ones watching from the sidelines, as an addict or alcoholic slowly loses everything in life that matters to them; family, friends, jobs, homes, health, freedom and even life itself. Experiencing this progressive downward spiral is heartbreaking.

Looking for help is the first step toward ending the dangerous cycle that is destroying your life, or the lives of those who love you. Congratulations for taking the first step!

For over 12 years, we have been successfully helping alcoholics and addicts recover from this vicious disease. Our treatment programs are built around one simple idea: the key to a successful recovery is to teach our clients how to prevent relapse. We call it the “Three Keys to Recovery.”

Drug Detox:

Because each type of drug requires a different treatment protocol, Recovery First offers a comprehensive and extremely successful drug detox program that will be designed to meet your individual needs.  And because we also offer several of the nation’s leading drug rehab programs, you can transition directly from detox to a higher level of care seamlessly and without the anxiety of attending treatment at a different center.

We offer medical detox programs that are designed to help you break free from the chains of addiction safely, comfortably,and as painlessly as possible.  Regardless of your needs, we can give you the foundation needed to take back the rest of your life with the following specific programs:


Drug Treatment | Drug Detox | Alcohol Detox Hotline

Alcohol Detox:

Recovery First offers a comprehensive alcohol detox center with 24 hour on-staff nurse, extremely qualified physicians, psychiatrists and addiction experts.  All us to help you mediate the chances of uncomfortable or dangerous withdrawal symptoms like Delirium Tremens.

Delirium tremens is a condition that results from cold-turkey withdrawal from chronic alcohol abuse. Ten percent of all people who go into full delirium tremens, or D.T.’s, die. Withdrawal from alcohol, benzodiazepine, (i.e. Valium, Xanax, etc.) and barbiturates, (i.e. Seconal, Tuinal, etc.), can result in seizures and in some cases death. We can provide the proper medical attentions needed to deal with delirium tremens.

Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Treatment:

Our Inpatient Drug Treatment program is one of the most intensive and successful in the country and is likely the best Florida Drug Rehab center available. Recovery First’s inpatient drug rehab program is one of the few true residential inpatient programs remaining and our success is directly related to the level of treatment and attention we offer our clients.

Our inpatient drug treatment program has one of the highest success rates in the drug addiction treatment industry because we offer one of the few true Residential Inpatient Drug Rehab Programs in the country. People who reach out to us for help are able to get treatment in a professional facility where clients both live and receive therapy. A clean and welcoming environment is blended with the dedicated, round-the-clock attention that our clients deserve. This is the most intense and comprehensive form of treatment and is appropriate if you are free of intoxication or withdrawal symptoms. Drug Treatment | Drug Detox | Alcohol Detox Hotline

If you have not yet completed the detoxification process, we also offer a comprehensive medical drug detox program that can help you stop using while being as safe and comfortable as possible.  After completing medical detox, the transition to an extended level of care such as our highly successful inpatient program is easy and immediate.

Our reality-based clinical philosophy and practices are intense and seek to aggressively treat addicts and alcoholics with a variety of traditional therapies. We are far more serious and far more comprehensive than typical “Florida Model” drug treatment programs that are actually only outpatient programs with offsite housing. We believe that it takes more to achieve lasting recovery and as a result have instituted one of the best denial management and relapse prevention programs available. In fact, we take our obligations to our clients so seriously that we have obtained Joint Commission Accreditation.

However, we also know that recovery is a lifetime process. For this reason, we support our clients with two additional levels of drug addiction treatment in Florida: our Day/Night Partial Hospitalization Program and our Intensive Outpatient Program. Treatment levels are always client-driven and individual treatment plans are exclusively client-centered, based upon a person’s biomedical conditions, ability to control impulses, social and interpersonal skills and propensity to relapse.

Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Treatment:

Recovery First offers a flexible Outpatient Drug Treatment Program at our addiction treatment center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Unlike our Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Program, our standard Outpatient Treatment Program consists of 18 sessions, most optimally spread out over 6 weeks. Clients who opt for this program will work with an experienced and qualified addiction counselor to determine the most effective treatment regimen for drug addiction or alcoholism.

Clients in the Outpatient Drug Treatment program are assigned an individual counselor, who will create an individualized rehabilitation plan. The program aims to achieve rehabilitation from excessive drug abuse or alcoholism through one-on-one counseling, group therapy, and relapse prevention training. Participants in the outpatient treatment program meet for 3 sessions per week, for a total of 6 weeks.

Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms

Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms often lead to drug relapse because the addict knows that if they use again they will obtain relief- even if only temporarily. These symptoms impair judgment to the point that the user will not be able to consider the consequences that drug use has had in the past or the dangers it likely poses in the present and future. Recovery First’s drug rehab center seeks to immediately interrupt this type of thinking by supporting the individual through therapy and providing relapse prevention and denial management education – critical skills for a lifetime of recovery.

Drug Treatment | Drug Detox | Alcohol Detox Hotline

Recovery First’s drug rehab center has addiction specialists available 24 hours per day to confidentially answer any questions your might have. Our commitment is to help you or your loved one get the right help that they need- even if it’s not with us. Whether you require a true residential inpatient drug treatment program or an outpatient treatment program, our goal is to help you stay sober one day at a time, for the rest of your life. Call us now to find out how we can help you or someone you love triumph over addiction with the help of our dedicated drug rehab center in Florida. Your successful recovery- and the rest of your life- can begin right now with a simple phone call.

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