Specialized Program

Salute to Recovery

Addiction Treatment Specifically Designed for Veterans & First Responders


For military veterans and first responders dealing with substance abuse and other mental health disorders, our Salute to Recovery Program provides a place of healing built on camaraderie, trust, and evidence-based therapies.

Program Details

Recovery First's Salute to Recovery Program accepts military veterans from all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, as well as current and retired first responders, including:

  • Firefighters
  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Emergency Medical Services Providers
  • Dispatchers and Emergency Communications Personnel
  • Correctional Officers/Probation-Parole Officers

A Look Inside

Take a look inside our Recovery First facility in Hollywood, Florida.

Therapeutic Approaches

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Clients will be able to identify and shift negative thinking patterns, as well as behaviors, to live a healthier, happier life.

Four Agreements Group Guide
This group explores the tenants of truth, dealing with harm, handling assumptions, and doing your best.

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)
This is an innovative way to process traumatic events and other negative experiences.

Family Systems Theory
Explores the complexity of the family unit to help veterans find their places in that unit after service.

The Neuroscience of Addiction
Clients begin to understand why they’re addicted, and how they can begin to overcome their addiction.

Pain Management Group
Injuries in the line of duty can cause pain that lasts a lifetime, so Recovery First’s program addresses how to deal with that pain.

Our Mission

Military veterans are at a high risk of attempting and completing suicide—we want to help change that.

The CDC estimates that 18-22 veterans die by suicide every day. By offering life-changing treatment to those who need it most, Recovery First hopes to help be part of the solution in lowering that number.

Addiction and mental health treatment is only the beginning of a recovery journey, so we make sure to also set our patients up for future success. From housing to local meetings, our vets and first responders have the tools to continue in sobriety after they leave our facility.

What We Offer

Recovery doesn’t end after treatment. That’s why we employ evidence-based treatments and therapies, setting you up for real life changes.

  • Medical Detox

    If you require it, our medical professionals will help you get substances out of your system safely and comfortably.

  • Group, Family, and Individual Therapy

    Our therapists and counselors help you discover the harmful thoughts and beliefs that keep you sick and work with you to alter them. We also offer specific therapies to help you heal from trauma.

  • PTSD Education

    We show you how post-traumatic stress disorder works, and give you coping mechanisms to deal with and overcome the symptoms.

  • 12-Step Programs

    Many in recovery find purpose and community in 12-step programs. We provide resources during your treatment at our facility and after you leave to keep you strong in your recovery.

  • Anger Management

    Managing your anger is beneficial to your recovery.

  • Addressing Grief and Loss

    Traumatic situations on deployment could lead to personal loss or the loss of a friend or comrade. We'll give you the tools to process these emotions in a healthy way.

The Battalion

The Battalion

Staff members who are in our Salute to Recovery Program are veterans create the foundation for Recovery First’s Battalion. Each battalion consists of patients and staff members who can relate to what you’ve experienced as a veteran or first responder. They are there to guide, support, and help you stay accountable to your mission for recovery.

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If Recovery Is Your Mission...